Gulf Coast Legal Centers specializes in a number of areas of real estate law, including title insurance, contract preparation and review, deeds, loan modification agreements, title transfers, mortgage and promissory note preparation, residential and commercial leases, and leases with option to purchase contracts. Regardless of your role in any real estate transaction, remember that your attorney will be the only real estate professional involved who has no financial stake in whether the transaction closes or not! Gulf Coast Legal Centers will protect you while helping you to solve and prevent problems.

Not every lawyer has the adequate skills to represent you in a real estate transaction. Here at Gulf Coast Legal Centers, you will be represented by a lawyer who is certified in real estate law by the Florida bar.

If you are buying or selling your home, here are some tips to remember:

  • When dealing with a real estate broker, any estimate of value should be backed up by comparable sales in the community within the last month.  
  • Avoid entering into long-term listing agreements with a broker. Enter into a short-term listing agreement with a broker to ensure that the broker is working for you as promised. 
  •  If you are not satisfied with the performance of the broker after a short period of time, you will be free to find another broker.

    If you do not fluently understand all terms and provisions of a real estate contract, hire an attorney to review the contract with you before you sign it.  

  • In Florida, the seller has the duty to disclose all material defects in the home that are not obvious to the buyer. A seller does not have to disclose defects that have already been corrected. Selling the property AS IS does not relieve the seller or the real estate agent of the obligation to disclose.
  • Have home inspections completed by a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), an organization that sets experience and educational standards for its members.  
  • Termites are a major problem in Florida. Make certain that an adequate termite inspection and inspection for other wood destroying organisms is performed before a transaction takes place.  
  • There should only be one HUD-1 at your closing. If you are asked to sign multiple HUD-1 statements, stop the closing and consult with an attorney immediately.  

It is wise to retain legal counsel when conducting business in any area of real estate. Call Gulf Coast Legal Centers to find an expert real estate attorney today!

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